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Top 3 Black Friday Deals 2012 | Best Deals On Electronics and Games


Top 3 Places to Get Awesome Black Friday Deals

Black Friday ads are starting to pop up! Mark your calendars for November 23, 2012 and start looking out for the best Black Friday sales now. Its turning out that 2012 is going to be a great year for finding the best Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals yet.

People specially target TVs, PCs, phones, laptops, Xbox 360 games, etc. on that bargain fueled shopping frenzy, because those tend to have the best discounts of anything in stores.
Retailers often drop the prices of big-ticket electronics drastically in order to drive buyers into the stores, and if you manage to get your hands on them, you can save a walletfull.
The real price is dealing with the crowds.

Online Black Friday Shopping

Online sales are easily half of the hype these days, and for good reason. Shoppers know that online Black Friday deals come with all of the sweet discounts with none of the stampeding crowds or pepper spray.
Here’s our list of the top 3 best places online to find Black Friday deals on technology, electronics, and games.

TBFA Black Friday 2012 Ads

thanksgiving-black-friday-ads Thanksgiving Black Friday Ads is an awesome resource for finding special deals from all the major retailers. Run by our good friend Scott Offord it’s a real go-to tool if you want to find the very best Black Friday deals, leaked ad information, and special sales on electronics. They also have a section for laptop computers, iPods, iPads, Kindles, digital cameras, and video games.
On the front page they have links to the big department stores and online retailers like Amazon, Apple, Target, and Wal-Mart, but if you click on View All Stores you get a list of about 100 other Black Friday participants such as Dell, Macys, Lowes, and GameStop.

Slickdeals Daily Sales Get Hot on Black Friday

slickdeals-logoSlickdeals is amazing enough as it is, without the presence of a major shopping holiday. Slickdeals doesn’t sell you anything- it allows users to scour the entire internet for drastically lowered prices, clearances, and fire sales, bringing them to you for your bargain hunting pleasure.
All you have to do is jump on the sale before it disappears- half of the daily ads are sold out by the end of the day.
Do you want a powerful mid-range laptop for $350? Someone on this Earth needs to get rid of them for some reason. 90% off RAM sticks? Time to upgrade. Half a dozen AAA video games for 10 bucks off Amazon? Don’t ask questions, just laugh and pat your bulging wallet. It’s safe – that is, until the Steam Sale.

Steam Black Friday – Give & Get Sales on PC Games

steam-logoThe Steam Black Friday sale was called the Autumn Sale last year, because these major Steam Sales tend to run for several days. But make no mistake- that has not diluted the massive discounts they roll out every year around this time. If you’re into games, this Steam sale is going to feel like 3 or 4 separate Black Fridays in a row.
You’ll see games sold at a 50, 75, 90 percent discount all over Steam, as well as 25 or 30 percent off newer big budget games like Dishonored, Skyrim, Borderlands 2, or Call of Duty.
You’ll also notice that Indie games tend to fly off the handle with the really big discounts, even when they’re new. There will usually be some kind of Indie Bundle advertised during the sale as well.
Valve basically gives you no excuse not to spend every last penny loading yourself and your friends with dozens of games.



Where Do You Shop on Black Friday?

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