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Best Desktop Productivity Tools for Windows 7


Desktop Productivity Tools Make Your Life Better

I know; it’s a bold statement, but it’s also true. If you even moderately use Windows Explorer, or ever feel like you don’t have enough screen space to open programs, I have a few tools that can help save you time, declutter your desktop, and generally give you less of a headache. Check out our quick video showing the benefits of adding these tools.



Picture this; you’re sending an email, editing a video, working on a Power Point, and instant messaging your coworker who you’re working with on a project. You also only have a 13.3″ Macbook with you. How can you possibly keep all of these things organized without multiple monitors and an assistant?
Dexpot is how. Dexpot is a virtual desktop dexpot program for Windows. It’ll help you create workstations so you can partition off what you need to get done into different sections. With up to 4 different desktops per monitor, you can streamline your workflow and get more done. Prioritize what tasks on what desktops need completion first. Label your desktops by priority level, interest, or however you like.



deskpins A great little tool that helps me keep top priority windows truly at the to is Deskpins. Deskpins allows users to “pin” a window so that it stays on top of other windows, no matter how many you cycle through.
I find it comes in handy when I’m discussing something over instant message with a coworker and don’t want to minimize my chat window when looking at another program. Small things really do make the biggest differences when it comes to being efficient.



Don’t you wish Windows Explorer had a tab option like your internet browser does? If you have multiple folders you need to access, it’s a pain to have to navigate through multiple windows.
QTTabbar provides the solutions by giving you the option to view multiple tabs in one Windows Explorer window. Want to cycle through different windows with a mouse click or your scroll wheel. Change the setting. 7+ taskbar basically expands on Windows and helps to give you extrea options that can enhance your workflow.


7+ Taskbar Tweaker

7+ Taskbar Tweaker is a program that I keep on all the time. It adds a load of great features that Windows doesn’t have and gives the options of adding some great taskbar shortcuts.
Sick of the items pinned on your taskbar taking up so much space? Just select “remove gap” between pinned items to condense your taskbar. Want to cycle between taskbar buttons? Just check the box. Wherever Windows falls short on functionality, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker fills in the gaps.

Your Life is Better Now

It’s true; admit it. Once you’ve tried out these cool desktop productivity tools for Windows, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done, and how much less of a hassle it is. Of course, the more you get done, the more you have time to browse Reddit… I mean, do more work.



Have any Desktop Tools You’d Like to Share?

If you have any other awesome desktop tools you find yourself using with Windows 7 (or 8), let us know and leave a comment below. While you’re at it, let us know what you thought about this article. Don’t forget to subscribe to our feed and be sure to check back often.


By John Horne – May 16th, 2013.


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