About Sultan Solutions

About Sultan Solutions

Sultan Solutions is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based IT firm specializing in Web Development, Web Design, WordPress Themes, and Search Engine Optimization. We have worked within almost every industry, with clients of every size in our local area and throughout the world.
Our projects range from as wide as building a website for an International Solar Engineering firm to helping a Legal Service Provider offer e-commerce solutions.

Meet Our Team



Samer Sultan – Web Developer / Systems Administrator

Samer Sultan is founder and president of Sultan Solutions. Since October 2010, Samer has been working primarily as a system administrator, and web / WordPress developer .



Elizabeth Sultan – Operations Manager

Elizabeth Sultan oversees operations and budgeting at Sultan Solutions. Elizabeth handles Sultan Solution’s financial and legal information as well as helps write for the Sultan Solutions tech blog in her free time.



John Horne – Project Manager

John Horne is a project manager at Sultan Solutions. John oversees the day to day organizational duties at Sultan Solutions and helps with tasks as varied as writing for the Sultan Solutions tech blog to helping design sites.



Luke Summers – Graphic Designer

Luke Summers is a graphic designer at Sultan Solutions. Luke handles the majority of the graphics work for Sultan Solutions. He uses tools such as CSS and HTML and is our resident expert in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Tamim Sultan

Tamim Sultan – Content Developer

Tamim is a content developer for Sultan Solutions. Tamim looks forward to contributing to the Sultan Solutions tech blog and becoming our resident hardware expert. He hopes to expand the scope of the tech blog into new and interesting territories.



Michael Ortega – Content Developer

Michael Ortega is Sultan Solutions senior content developer. Michael is Sultan Solution’s most experienced tech blog contributor and resident tech expert. He’s the first to get their hand on new equipment in the office.



Karl Bohem – Content Developer / Graphic Designer

Karl Bohem is a freelance content developer and graphic designer for Sultan Solutions. Karl does freelance work for Sultan Solutions for everything from the tech blog to graphics for development projects.



Our focus is to find efficient and creative ways to implement IT solutions for our clients and promote a better user experience for our client’s customers. Our skills in Web Development, Web Design, WordPress Themes, Search Engine Optimization, and Information Management Systems


Founded by Samer Sultan in the Summer of 2010, Sultan Solutions has grown to include a team of six members, collectively with over 20 years of experience in the IT field. Their combined experience in the and tech knowledge has helped Sultan Solutions find unique solutions for a variety of businesses both locally and internationally.


At Sultan Solutions, we like to address issues creatively and give our clients a unique set of ideas and solutions. We’re a dynamic team that’s up to take on unusual tasks, be they in Web Development, Design or IT Services. In fact, we really like having the opportunity to do something new and innovative with other professionals so they can take advantage of what we bring to the table.