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Apple iPad mini review | Great Things In Small Packages

ipad mini review

iPad Mini Full Review

The iPad mini was just released this month, if you follow the Sultan Solutions YouTube channel you probably saw our iPad mini unboxing video. As promised here is the complete review of Apple’s new 7″ tablet.
As someone who uses his iPad everyday as either my main or supplemental media consumption device, the iPad mini was always something that interested me. So when the iPad mini was actually released I was quick to put it through the rigorous tech trials that every new shiny gadget I buy must go through. Quickly I’ll tell you a little about myself, I don’t have cable so if I do watch any TV it’s via Hulu or Netflix. I’m a media multitasker, I love to surf and watch / listen; all at the same time. That being said a tablet is a perfect device for my lifestyle
The iPad mini is Apple’s new tablet weighing in at 0.68 pounds, features a 7.9 inch screen (1,024×768 resolution), it has a dual core A5 with 512 ram, Bluetooth 4.0, wireless B/G/N 2.4GHz and 5GHz and comes in 16,32 or 64GB of storage. This makes the iPad mini kind of a upgraded smaller iPad 2 except the mini has better cameras and siri.

iPad mini Video Review


iPad mini how the specs stack up

We recently completed a Nexus 7 video review. The Nexus 7 is also a great 7″ tablet, built by Asus in calibration with Google. We think that both of these tablets offer a great value, the choice really comes down to which operating system environment you prefer to reside in.
If you currently live within the icloud the iPad might be your choice; however if you are a Google Chrome connoisseur Android would probably be your preference. None the less here is how Google’s Nexus 7 stacks up to Apple’s iPad mini.

iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7

iPad mini

Nexus 7

1024 x 768 Resolution 7.9 Imch LED Backlist Display
1280 x 800 Resolutions 7 Inch LED IPS Display
16GB, 32GB, 64GB (not expandadble)
8GB, 16GB (not expandable)
Dualcore A5
512mb RAM(unc)
1.2GHz quad-core
NVIDIA Tegra 3
1gb RAM
$329 – $519 (wifi)
$459 – $659 (lte)
 $199 – $249


A great tablet, regardless of size

First of all I loved the size. To me this is the perfect size to carry around, small enough to be portable but large enough to enjoy media better than what you could on your phone. I think it’s great that Apple was able to bend time and space using new unicorn tear technology to get Siri to run on something so similar to the iPad 2 when the iPad 2 can’t run siri.
There is a short list of things I didn’t care for. I was disappointed that a Retina display wasn’t in this version of the iPad mini. I was also a bit let down that the price of the iPad mini was higher than I hoped, The Nexus 7 can be over $100 cheaper with better core hardware specs.

The Final Verdict

Overall the iPad mini is a great product, it will definitely stay on as my day to day tablet. Starting a $329.99 I think the iPad mini is a good buy, especially for someone new to tablets. My minor grievances with it are overshadowed by all the things I did like about it. Like most apple products I’m sure the next version will address these issues. At the end of the day it does what I need it to do and more.


What do you think of the iPad mini?

Have you gotten your hands on a ipad mini yet? What were your initial reactions, what did you love the most (or not at all); what would you change or improve upon?

Join the conversation, tell us what you think in the comments below. We would love to hear from you, keep up to date on technology news and web tutorials, be sure to check back often! Also remember to subscribe to the Sultan Solutions Tech Blog.
By Michael Ortega – November 12th, 2012.

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