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Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet Review

Nexus 7 New Android Tablet From Google Review

Google Nexus 7 Review, The Next Generation of Android Tablet

The new Google Nexus 7 Android tablet has just been released, they are currently hard to get a hold of but I was lucky enough to find one at a local Sam’s Club store. I have attached my video review followed by a write up. Let me know what your first impressions of the Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet are, and be sure to subscribe to our blog and youtube channel.

Nexus 7 Android Tablet The Good:

The First thing you notice about this lovely seven inch tablet is the amazing screen, with a resolution of 1280-by-800 the nexus 7 is a pleasure to view anything you can throw at it. With a nicely textured back holding the Nexus 7 is no chore unlike some larger(sharper?) tablets out there. You get the usual volume, power buttons along with a headphone jack and a micro-USB port to charge and sync.

Nexus 7 Android Tablet Whats Missing:

Unfortunately the Nexus 7 is missing the micro SD card slot we’ve come to expect on most android devices. This can be problematic especially for Mountain lion users who at the time this article was written are unable to use the android syncing software from Google or double twist to sync data. Also MIA is a rear camera found on most android and iOS tablets.

Google Nexus 7 Video Review


How the Android Tablet Stacks Up

Overall I really enjoyed using the tablet and while Jelly bean AKA android 4.1 wasn’t all too different from Ice cream sandwich (4.0) I think it’s a step in the right direction to unifying its android OS. I loved the size of the unit, the screen was amazing, the quad core processor is blazing fast and I also really liked the build quality of Nexus 7 with nice smooth edges and a textured back.
My only complaint is that I think it really wish it would have come with a micro SD card slot to expand on the Nexus 7’s 8GB or 16GB’s of internal storage. At $200 for 8GB model and $250 for a 16GB model I’d recommend this for anyone who prefers Android to iOS, otherwise wait until mid September to see if Apple decides to grace the masses with its take on what a 7” tablet should be.

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