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Sultan Solutions New Company

Why Sultan Solutions?

How Sultan Solutions was chosen, is an interesting story really. When choosing a name, I didn’t want something that sounded too cliché to the information technology field, since there are more than enough generic-sounding names out there already. The story behind this one came from a recent visit from my lifelong friend, Andrew.

Why not call it Sultan Solutions?

I had a list of about 20 names I was considering, and when I asked Andrew what he thought of them, he said they all sounded too cliché. I came to the conclusion that in order to pick a non-generic name for my company, I needed to get a fresh perspective. He suggested going with something simple and elegant, and asked, “Why not call it Sultan Solutions?”

So We Settled

I really liked the name, and decided to go forward with it. After a small registration fee with the city of Milwaukee and a new website, Sultan Solutions was born.

How To Get Started With Us

So now you know a little bit about our history, and we would love to learn about yours. Connect with us on Twitter @SultanSol or visit our contact page and tell us what you think. Maybe we can help you with a project, or maybe you can help us with your ideas.

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