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Fix Steam Guard not Working with Yahoo Mail Problem

Steam Guard not Working with Yahoo Mail

Steam Guard E-Mails Not Being Received By Yahoo Mail

Steam Guard is a great security feature, and it typically works with out a hitch. Recently I reinstalled Steam on my desktop computer to try out the new Humble Indie Bundle that was released earlier this week. Since I have not logged into my Steam account for over a year, a new security feature called Steam Guard prohibited me from logging in without providing a verification code.

Yahoo Account Linked With Steam Auto Reject Emails

This was not a big deal, but for whatever reason, my old Yahoo account that is linked with my Steam account would automatically reject these emails. This appears to be a common bug that Yahoo has not addressed and not a settings or security feature in Yahoo Mail.

How To Fix Steam Guard Verification E-Mails In Yahoo Mail

Fix Steam Guard verification e-mails In Yahoo Mail simply adding the Steam support email to your contacts list in Yahoo Mail.

Adding Contacts To Yahoo Mail:

  1. To add a contact in yahoo mail follow the contacts tab to the top left of your screen.
    Yahoo Mail Steam Guard Contact List
  2. Once in the “Contacts Tab” select the “New Contact” button.
    Yahoo Mail Steam Guard Contact
  3. Add The Steam Support Email address as a contact when finished, click save. You should now be able to receive emails from Steam Guard.



Let Us Know If This Resolved The Problem

If you are still having problems with Steam Guard and Yahoo Mail then please leave us a comment and I will help you research the problem. Also be sure to subscribe to Sultan Solutions Tech Blog, and check back often for updates.


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