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Listen to Pandora Radio on Your Desktop with Windows 7 Pandora Gadget

Pandora Radio Desktop Widget

Are You Familiar With Pandora Radio?

Pandora Gadget is allows you to listen to Pandora Radio with out opening a web browser, but for those unfamiliar with what Pandora Radio offers it is a free online streaming service, you can listen to virtually any popular artist free of charge. Pandora works as an automated music recommendation service as well. The user simply types in the artists they want to listen to, and Pandora will play find similar musical selections. The user can choose positive or negative feedback for the songs the service recommends, which it will remember for future account use. So say you don’t want to hear one of the songs, Pandora will take note of your negative feedback.

How To Listen To Pandora Radio on your Desktop

Setting Pandora Radio as a desktop gadget is easy to do, follow our step by step guide and you will be listening to your favorite Pandora Radio Channels in no time.

Why A Desktop Widget Is Better?

A frequent gripe with familiar users of Pandora is that browsers must always stay open in order to keep hearing the tunes. This causes interruptions if you accidentally click the wrong window. Fortunately, there are ways to keep Pandora running without pause. One people route is to run the service as a Gadget in Windows 7 or Vista. As a gadget, Pandora will not encounter any browser issues again. It will be viewed as a small window directly on your desktop. There are no drawbacks to using this method versus the web app, which makes it a great option to consider.

Follow These Steps To Try The Pandora Gadget in Windows 7

1.Download the Pandora Gadget by following the link below:

Download the Pandora Gadget for Windows 7

How To Listen To Pandora Radio on your Desktop
2. Run the downloaded .gadget file and Install it.
How To Listen To Pandora Radio on your Desktop
3. Once done installing, log in to begin using the gadget
How To Listen To Pandora Radio on your Desktop
4. The Pandora gadget cannot be minimized, but does have the option of adjusting the opacity. By right-clicking the context menu, you can fade-out the gadget by as high as 20%
How To Listen To Pandora Radio on your Desktop

That’s It, Pandora Windows Desktop Gadget Is Now Ready

Happy listening! be sure to leave us a comment to let us know how the Pandora Windows Gadget has worked out for you.

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