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iOS Security Flaw iPad Password Bypassed in Seconds

iOS Security Flaw Header Image

Is it really possible to bypass the iOS password in seconds?

Surprisingly enough, this video demonstrates a serious flaw in the iPad 2’s iOS 5 operating system. It allows any user to bypass the password screen and access emails and personal data within seconds.

iOS security flaw – how it works?

All it takes are these three steps:

  • Press the reset button until the power off screen is displayed
  • Close and reopen the smart cover
  • Press the cancel button



What are the main implications of this security bug?

This security flaw lets anyone access applications that are already running. The only way around this for now is to close all foreground applications before locking the iPad.

How to protect your iPad against this security flaw?

The only solution to the iOS security flaw is to go into your general settings menu, and then disable smart cover unlocking. Until apple addresses this bug this is the only method of securing your data at this time.

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