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How to Color Code Your Emails in Outlook 2010


Color Coding Emails is Harder to Find in Outlook 2010

Color coding your inbox was fairly effortless in previous versions of Microsoft Outlook. This feature is still available in Outlook 2010, but it is not as simple to initially configure.
These simple steps will help you color code your Outlook 2010 inbox.
1. Open Outlook 2010 and select the view tab.
2. In the view tab, select view settings.
3. In the advanced view settings, select conditional formatting.
4) From the conditional formatting menu you can either edit existing rules or create new ones.
For example, I selected all of my unread messages to appear blue, and overdue messages to appear bold. The font, size, formatting, and color are all customizable within your selected rules. You can also make a custom rule that changes the color of messages from a specific user or group.
5) Once you’re done, go ahead and check your inbox. You should see the new changes you have made take effect.

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