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Evernote vs Note Taking Software Comparison

Evernote vs

Evernote vs a Step Forward Toward Better Organization

Why evernote vs thinkery,me? Well like many people I can use a great tool remembering key due dates for bills, username and passwords for accounts, and appointments. Since I use technology every day, I searched for software and services that will be easy for me to add all the important dates, thoughts, and passwords I come up with.
In part one of this organizational journey, I will briefly share with you my first impressions on two popular programs that I have just joined, Evernote and thinkery.


Elephants are known for their amazing memories, which uses as their logo to show you that you too, can remember mass amounts of information with their help. I first came upon their app on my phone. I decided to search for them online, which they also offer. Evernote has a plethora of products to keep your entire world in check. From remembering acquaintances with a browsable history of individuals using their Hello app, to preserving your delicious meal at that new sushi restaurant using their Food app, Evernote has your life covered!
I do find it convenient that I can access my account via phone. A downside of Evernote is their pricing scheme, to unlock features and remove ads costs $5 a month. Evernote premium allows one to compose larger files and notes, supersize uploads, and create a PIN lock via your phone, for extra security. Overall, I am enjoying discovering all their services and feel that Evernote will help me keep track of what I need to remember.


  • Free phone app
  • Access anywhere (Cloud Based)
  • Variety of additional apps
  • Quick & easy registration


  • Software application feels bloated
  • High fee to upgrade account
  • Large assortment of apps and features could become increase bloat, complicate software

A popular competitor of Evernote is It is quite different in numerous ways. It is free, doesn’t require the user to download the program, but also doesn’t offer the slew of services Evernote does. Thinkery is great for someone who is looking for a basic service where you can easily type and add in your thoughts, things to do, and URLs. It is also convenient in that you can simply login to their site wherever you are.
There isn’t an app for phones, which can be a drawback for those who prefer to type in their thoughts while on-the-go. My first impression on thinkery is that is easier to use than Evernote, and good for people who simply want to add text and continue on with their day. For people who use their phones a lot, and want to document their lives in more detail, Evernote would be a better match.


  • Non-downloadable application
  • Login from any computer
  • Free, no upgrades
  • No registration required to try


  • No phone app, however one is in the works
  • No additional apps, limited compare to evernote


Conclusion So Far…

So far, when comparing the two applications, I feel that Evernote is a more beneficial option. Not only can the user create new entries while on their phone, they can find numerous other apps to make their life easier. I will continue to explore the two applications and see if my first impressions change. Subscribe to this blog for further updates.

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