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Elizabeth Sultan

Elizabeth SultanElizabeth has had a love for writing ever since she was a child. It started with spending hours corresponding with pen pals from across the globe, and creating stories for fun. Her favorite hobby has since evolved into writing for others.

Elizabeth Sultan Experiences & Background

Elizabeth Sultan’s experience as a technical writer and information systems researcher spans over five years. Her focus is on helping clients develop professional manuals, articles, and PR presentations. Elizabeth spent over two years as a writer for Internet Research Associates. In that time, she wrote a wide variety of articles for clients, including European travel, cuisine, health, and information on products for client’s websites. Elizabeth enjoyed expanding her knowledge, along with assisting her clients.

Writing Styles

Whether her writings are for clients where she has to research beforehand and interpret her findings, or blogs from her own firsthand experiences, Elizabeth professionally writes various styles of articles with information you can rely on. Companies have used Elizabeth’s writings to advertise their products, educate their students and clients, and positively transform their websites with valuable information. She enjoys the creative challenge of developing useful writings that will educate others and add success to those seeking them.

Photography and Image Editing

Elizabeth also enjoys photography as another creative outlet. Her specialty is capturing the beauty of Mother Nature. Concentrating on the surroundings of her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she also enjoys capturing a wide variety of landscapes including forests, beaches, and their changes during the four seasons, which intrigue Elizabeth. After taking 3rd place in a photography contest, Elizabeth has taken her photography more seriously than just a hobby. You can visit her website to view her archive of creations at

Elizabeth’s Goals for 2012

As Elizabeth expands her experiences as a photographer, she has decided to take advantage of courses on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge. She welcomes a challenge, and is excited to heighten her knowledge on creating optimal images, that in return she can share with the world for others to enjoy and inspire.

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