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Full Screen Youtube & Flash Videos With Dual Monitors

Dual Monitors Youtube Videos

How To Watch YouTube Videos In Full Screen With Dual Monitors In Windows

Dual Monitors are great, but if you go full-screen with a Youtube, Hulu, or other Flash video and click anywhere on your other monitor, your Flash video will immediately drop out of full-screen mode. No amount of fiddling with your browser’s settings will fix the issue.

IgnoFlash Patch Allows Dual Monitor Flash Support

IgnoFlash is a free and open source patch that modifies the Flash Netscape and ActiveX plugins to allow you to keep Flash videos in full screen when focus is lost.
IgnoFlash allows you to watch a Flash video in full screen on one display and use another display at the same time with out resizing or minimizing the video on the other display.

Download Flash Player Full Screen Patch


IgnoFlash Patch Download


Installing IgnoFlash Patch For Windows

Make sure to follow these three steps before installing it:

  • Close down your browser windows.
  • Check the task manager (some browsers like to stay on in the background for a while, even if you’ve closed them).
  • Run the .exe file and make sure it didn’t come up with any errors. You may want to Run as Administrator.

Now YouTube Works With Dual Monitors

IgnoFlash is an awesome tool to use for watching educational videos while simultaneously taking notes. It allows me to watch a lecture in full screen on one monitor and take notes on the second monitor.
A great tool for anyone who wants to multitask without being forced to watch smaller Flash videos.

What do you think? Comment below after trying it out.


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