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How to Automate Backups Using Apple’s Time Machine

Automate Backups Apple Time Machine

Time Machine is Excellent Backup Software for Mac OS X

More and more, I see clients that are switching to Macs. I notice a lot of people miss out on features their new computers have, but they don’t know how to use.
Apple computers come with a lot of useful software pre-installed, and the most important piece of software I notice people neglecting on their Macs is Time Machine. If you’re currently using a Mac and want to easily backup your files, set up Time Machine by following these simple steps. I recommend using a portable external hard drive 250 GB or larger depending on how large your files are.

  1. Go to System Preferences

  3. Then click on Time Machine

  5. Inside the Time Machine window click the “Off” switch to “On”

  7. Select a Drive to backup to (preferably not the same drive the data is being retrieved from)

  9. Next make sure Time Machine is switched on

  11. Finally enjoy your life knowing your files are backed up regularly



Did you back up your OS X Software yet?

Did you back up your software yet? If not with Time Machine, do you have any suggestions on what other ways you can back up your software? Let us know and leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our feed and be sure to check back often.


By John Horne – February 20th, 2013.


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