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What is Programming

Computer Programming is the task of designing, writing, and debugging software code. Programmers choose a programming language, based on what they are familiar with, and what is the best fit for a particular job. They use that language and its existing code libraries to construct a functional, often artful piece of working software.

Why you Should Choose C as your First Programming Language

C is not the easiest to use programming language, but it forms the fundamentals of many modern programming languages- many languages such as C++, C#, Java, and PHP are built from or draw fundamental inspiration from C. Think of it like the Latin of Programming Languages.

What about other Programming Languages?

C represents something of a foundation language, where you can manipulate and understand the low level functions of a computer program. Modern languages do make it easier for you to simply write a set of instructions, but you’ll miss a lot of what’s really happening behind the scenes. When you’ve learned C, not only will it be easier to pick up some other languages, but you’ll be able to use those more effectively due to your deeper understanding of code.

C Programming Training Courses

Have you ever wanted to learn how to program in C? There are many great resources out there. One of the best C Training Courses I have found, is a free online course by Carl Herold. This course breaks down the concepts and practical applications of programing in C while giving you many examples that you can test while you are learning. You can start from the beginning with no previous programming experience, or you can skip ahead as far as you like.

Resources for Programming in C

You can find his lessons here: Higher Computing for Everyone
Download a free C compiler here: Visual Studio Express


What do You Think of C? Tell Your Story

We’d like to hear your opinion on C and other languages. How did you learn, or how do you plan to learn a programming language? Add a comment below!

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