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5 Tools to Get the Most Out of Your Netflix Subscription

Getting The Most Out Of Your Nextflix Subscription

As a long time Netflix user, I love having a large assortment of movies to easily select and watch virtually anywhere I go. However, there is a complaint I’m sure fellow movie-watchers agree with for this service.

Using The Right Navigation Tools

I tend to spend quite a bit of time trying to find one movie that attracts my interest enough to spend an hour or so of my time enjoying. It helps that I can select a specific genre depending on my mood, but I want to make sure that a certain movie or TV show is worth my time. I recently discovered some great sites that help make finding a movie less problematic.

1.) is the perfect time saver for finding the best and worst ranked movies on Netflix. This way, you can find out why those movies are so popular and avoid the lower quality ones. Another cool feature offered is a list of the current movies about to expire. I like this so that I can finally get around to watching a movie I have been meaning to before it disappears. If you are willing to pay 10 dollars a year, the site will also give you the ability to restrict access based on age ratings, which is perfect for parents.

Another site that will help you quickly find a worthwhile movie is Whichflix. You can easily navigate Netflix’s online catalog and see ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and Netflix. What I also like about this site is that you can find upcoming instant movies and DVDs, which is good for preparing a list on the entertainment you’d like to see. WhichFlicks is not just devoted to Netflix, though. You can also find information on current movies in the theaters.

3.) is another great resource for your entertainment needs. If you are interested in a specific TV show or movie but don’t know if it is available, is the perfect search engine. Music fans can also find a large variety of music videos. Similar to the other Netflix websites, Clicker has charts that list the most popular entertainment so you won’t miss out.


RottenTomatoes.comRottenflix allows you to view any Rotten Tomatoes review directly on Netflix. You’ll need both Firefox and the Firefox Greasemonkey extension to make this work. The Rotten Tomatoes staff collects online reviews from authors that are certified members of various writing guilds or film critic associations. To become a critic on the site, a critic’s original reviews must garner a specific amount of “likes”. Top critics generally write for a notable newspaper. The staff determines whether each review is “fresh”, marked by a small icon of a red tomato, or “rotten”, marked by a splattered green tomato. At the end of the year, one film receives the Golden Tomato award for the highest rated film of the year.

5.) Netflix Pivot

Netflix Pivot
Netflix Pivot may not have a slew of features like the previous sites, but it comes in handy for exploring all of Netflix’s 3,000 titles and arranging them by rating. Built on Microsoft’s Silverlight, it offers a useful tool that will allow you to zoom in and out to see all the titles up close.


Have another method of finding great movies with Netflix

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